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We would like to welcome any new guests from the recent Ottawa Pet Expo event as it was sincerely a great success as always. We normally provide monthly training tips to help with your doggie or any upcoming new addition to your home. We are Trainers, Breeders, Groomers and have Specialty Workshops & Private Boarding. Welcome!

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Training Tips - Ring the Bell to go Outside

Clients ask me how to get their puppy or doggie to ring a bell to go outside to do their business. Here are the steps required to teach your doggie to signal you to go outside.

  1. The first step to getting your dog to ring a bell to go outside would be for you to ring the bell just before you open the door to take your puppy or dog outside to do their business. In general, use the same door to help with the process.

  2. As a separate training session, you can bring the bell out for the puppy to check out and as the puppy approaches to investigate then tell them "Yes" and give them a treat.

  3. Continue to ring the bell each and every time that the door opens to go outside.

  4. To help the puppy out you can take the bell off the doorknob and treat once they touch the bell. This can be also done as a separate exercise to reinforce the behavior of ringing the bell.

  5. Once the bell has been rung then the door opens.

  6. Once they start walking to the door then say "Hit the bell" & point to the bell. If no response then you can ring the bell for them and the door opens.

  7. Any time there is contact with the bell then the puppy gets a treat.

  8. Once they ring the bell on their own there is a huge reward with lots of praise and treats then also reward them after they complete their business outside.

    As a side note: anyone going through that door is to ring the bell before the door opens!

If you would like to view the short video of Ring the Bell then please see our Facebook page.

And if you have any questions on these training tips, please send me an email at or give me a call at 613-253-5535.

Grooming Services

Some of you may already know Sam as our Puppy Trainer and Sam also loves to groom the doggies too. 

We offer Grooming Services at Happy Hound. You are welcome to drop off your dog for a nice walk on the trails then they would be groomed in the new facility. We have a variety of packages to choose from such as a Bath & Blow Dry, to a Full Groom. Please let us know what you would like and we can accommodate your schedule as well.

Full Groom: includes a cut, clipped nails, bath and blow dry
up to 30lbs - $45.00
from 30 to 60lbs - $65.00
over 60lbs - $85.00

Bath and Blow Dry: includes nail clipping - $30.00

Puppy Introduction: Get your puppy socialized to grooming - $25.00

All packages can add on the 20 Minute Trail Walk - $5.00

If you would like to book your appointment today, please send an email to Sam at or call 613-464-1004.

Video Series - Puppy Essentials

puppy training essentialsThe Video Series Puppy Essentials teaches you how to stop unwanted puppy behaviours. The video demonstrations include what to do with Puppy Biting, teaches them to Know their Name, conditions your puppy to Yes, shows you how to handle Housetraining, condition them to Off to prevent jumping on people & furniture, discusses Chewing, along with revealing my favourite product recommendations.

Please check out our new Puppy Essentials video for only $19 here and also see a variety of free videos!


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Clients ask me when is the best time to start training a new doggie in their home and it is always best to start training as soon as they arrive.


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