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A well trained pet is a joy to own. And a dog that is trained properly is generally a happier pet. Our goal is to improve the communication between you and your dog which will enhance your relationship.

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Training - For the Holiday Season

Happy Hound Dog Training

With the excitement of the season, we tend to have less energy for our doggies. I would like to suggest a few things which might be helpful for you and your doggies to enjoy this season together.

  • Purchase lots of treats! Below are the ones I highly recommend to purchase and are available at most pet stores. Or feel free to give us a call.

  • For the times that you know when guests will be arriving, have on hand a package of Crumps’ Sweet Potato chews at the front door. As guests arrive, place a Sweet Potato chew in front of their mouths for them to take away for a little snack on their own.

  • Let them follow you around the house with the “Follow” command. This will encourage them to be beside you and help to physically tire them out. Once you are settled with your guests, then they can relax as well lying on their bed. If you missed “Settle on your Bed” check it out here.

I love giving my dogs each a great chew item where they have some time to spend on their own in an enjoyable environment. I would like to suggest a few items that you may want to have on hand over the holidays for your doggies.

Shopping list:

Crumps Sweet Potato Chews – use these when guests are arriving, or to have your doggie settle on their own, while you have some downtime, or use them when settling down before bed.

Beef TenderSticks – use for training treats, or they are great for a snack when you need to place them on their own.

Sterilized Bone stuffed with Canned Dog Food – use these bones as a major distraction item during the busy season. You can use your current brand of dog food in a canned form and throw them in the freezer. This way the treat will last longer!

If you have any questions at all on these tips, please send me an email at or give me a call 613-253-5535 and I will walk you through the process to help with your success.

I would sincerely like to wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Video Series - Puppy Essentials

puppy training essentialsThe Video Series Puppy Essentials teaches you how to stop unwanted puppy behaviours. The video demonstrations include what to do with Puppy Biting, teaches them to Know their Name, conditions your puppy to Yes, shows you how to handle Housetraining, condition them to Off to prevent jumping on people & furniture, discusses Chewing, along with revealing my favourite product recommendations.

Please check out our new Puppy Essentials video for only $19 here and also see a variety of free videos!


Puppy Essentials Workshop - Coming Soon!

The Puppy Essentials workshop is a continual workshop which will be offered Saturdays at 10 am. The Puppy Essentials is designed for puppies 8 to 16 weeks of age. This workshop is designed to give you and your puppy a solid foundation to help them grow into the best dog they can be. Starting your puppy at 8 weeks of age is crucial, as this is when it is THE BEST time for them to be socialized to everything they will encounter for their entire lifetime.

Our workshop sessions will cover puppy socialization, puppy manners and puppy behaviours, along with some helpful information on ‘rearing’ your puppy such as: how to house train, crate train, enjoy the groomers and veterinarians, prevent separation anxiety and much more.

Some topics covered in our workshops will include, but not limited to:

• Puppy play and interaction
• Meeting people & other puppies
• Meeting people with various objects and articles
• Training with different people, and perhaps different areas

• Learn the basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay, Off, Come)
• Respond to their name
• Loose leash walking
• Greeting people politely
• Follow me around the house
• Give

• Digging
• Off the snacks on the table
• Off the furniture
• Biting and chewing
• ‘Back’ to prevent door darting

Jump in anytime for Puppies between 8 – 16 weeks old!

Choose 2 sessions for $60
Or 4 sessions for $115
Or 8 sessions for $225

The Happy Hound private dog park is located at 2150 Dwyer Hill Road.
There are 110 acres of land with trails for you to come and see! We have a variety of 1.15 hr workshops. Bring some friends and enjoy some time together with your new puppies.

Please contact us by email or 613-253-5535.

Dog Facts & A Free Evaluation!

Dog Facts:

Demand Barking

If your dog tries to get your attention by barking at you then ignore them and/or turn yourself in the other direction and walk away. Their barking will actually increase, reach a peek, then drop off completely. Makes for a quieter household.


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