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A well trained pet is a joy to own. And a dog that is trained properly is generally a happier pet. Our goal is to improve the communication between you and your dog which will enhance your relationship.

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Training - Retrieve a Frisbee!

Happy Hound Dog Training

I was recently working with a client who wanted to train their dog to retrieve a frisbee. Training a dog to retrieve is one of many fun things to teach them. In the beginning you need to get them interested in the type of toy they like. The toys that are usually great for retrieving are the smaller softer toys with a squeaker for added entertainment.

  • Start with a small soft squeaker toy.
  • Get your dog excited about the toy using your voice (try not to squeak the toy like crazy as a few squeaks are enough to get their interest).
  • Throw the toy no more than 6’ away from your dog when they are looking.
  • When your dog chases after the toy in any way then praise with your voice.
  • The key is to let your dog be proud when they chased the toy or even possibly pick up the toy. Give your dog time to enjoy the moment. Praise with your voice, clap your hands softly to cheer them on and encourage the behavior. Give them a few tries then try with a Frisbee with the “lip side” up.
  • Once they are chasing the frisbee then wait for them to return with the Frisbee with lots of praise and encouragement. You could also reward with a few yummy food treats to reinforce the behavior if your dog is food motivated. For lots of dogs, the chase of the frisbee is the fun part yet observe what is most rewarding for your dog since they each have different personalities.
  • The second key is to not try to grab the frisbee from their mouth when they are near you as this will begin a different game called “Tag”.
  • Get them excited with the frisbee and then throw it again.
  • In the beginning, keep it exciting by only playing the game with a few throws.
  • Once they are great at returning the frisbee then you can try to sit in a chair and have them retrieve the frisbee along with bringing it closer to you.

If you have any questions at all on these training tips then please send me an email at or give me a call 613-253-5535 and I will walk you through the process to help with your success.

Fun Times with your Dog Workshop

We are holding a “Fun Times with your Dog” workshop which includes Frisbee retrieving along with a variety of Fun Training Stations with your dog. See details below!

Saturday sessions – Sat. Oct 4 @ 10:00am

Fun Times with your Dog Workshop Series is where you can bring your doggie to learn in a clean & safe environment using positive reinforcement.

These are the variety of stations where you would rotate through with your dog so they can play, learn & grow.

Station 1:
Train your dog to fetch & return!

Station 2:
Train/Review the basic commands – Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Off

Station 3:
Agility station – Through Tunnels & Weave Poles

Station 4:
Come with Distraction station

Station 5:
Sniffer station! Scent work for fun!

Station 6:
Jumper Station – Under & Over

Fun Times with your Dog workshop outline:

Walk to the creek and circle the small secure hayfield
Training with the doggies near the barns
Rotate through the doggie training stations

Bonus Days: Scavenger hunt, Relay race, Trick of the month

Fun Times with your Dog Workshop $75 (includes HST)

The Happy Hound private dog park is located at 2150 Dwyer Hill Road.

Please contact us by email or 613-253-5535.

Happy Hound Upcoming Events

3 Day Workshop Series
Come When Called
Puppy Real Life

Train & Board Programs for your dogs & puppies while you are away at work and your dog is being trained or they can have a sleepover if you are traveling and learn new appropriate behaviours while you are away!

3 Day Camps
Sit to Greet People
Walking on Leash
Doggie Refresher

Stay tuned!

Yes, we will also continue to service clients with the In-Your-Home training sessions if you prefer to modify various behaviours in your own home.

Dog Facts & A Free Evaluation!

Dog Facts:

Dogs Do What Works

When you feed your dog, ask for a “Sit” command first then let them have their breakfast/dinner which only reinforces your “Sit” command. Try it out for 1 week.


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