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A well trained pet is a joy to own. And a dog that is trained properly is generally a happier pet. Our goal is to improve the communication between you and your dog which will enhance your relationship.

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Training Tips - Introducing Dogs

I have had several calls from clients who are curious about how to properly introduce their dogs to other dogs. With all the summer gatherings, people would like to bring their doggies with them on various family events. Along with family gatherings, camping is also a popular activity where people like to bring their dogs.

Here are a few tips to help the situation run smoother:

  1. It is better to find a neutral location where one of the dogs does not feel threatened by another dog in their own territory.
  2. Place the new dog on a long leash/off leash and let them sniff around the area to familiarize themselves with the new surroundings without any other dogs.
  3. Once they have had a chance to sniff around then bring in the other dog to have them greet each other in a positive way. It is better to have both dogs off leash yet if one of the dogs are unsure of other dogs then I would place them on leash only to have better access to pull them apart if required.
  4. As the dogs approach one another, drop the leashes and let them sniff each other for 1-2 seconds and tell them "Good doggies & Let's Go" and take them for a walk together.
  5. They can sniff each other on the way. Their walk helps them get rid of their stress and excess energy.
  6. If you are really unsure on how each of the dogs will do when first greeting, then introduce them to each other on a walk. One person will walk their dog and the second person will approach gently from behind where they can sniff the new dog's behind to help them get to know each other better while continuing to walk. Then the second person can continue to walk faster so that the first dog has a chance to check out their new possible doggie friend.
  7. Lots of dogs are completely happy to not interact with other dogs and that is completely fine too.

If you have any questions on these training tips, please send me an email at or give me a call at 613-253-5535.

Upcoming Workshops

We have a Fun in the Sun - Summer Training Workshop coming up!

  • Positively review with your doggie the basic commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Stand, Come and Off.
  • Teach your doggie to 'Follow Me'.
  • Enjoy the swimming holes, creeks & trails with me!

Fun in the Sun - Summer Training Workshop

When: Saturday July 18th @ 10:00 am

Where: 2150 Dwyer Hill Road

What to Bring: A long lead, yummy treats and poop bags

: Small walk in secured field. Train commands in a variety of locations on the property. Finishing up around the barns with a game of Hide and Seek.

Recall Tune-Up Workshop
: Saturday August 15th @ 10:00 am

  • Teaching your dog to reliably come using a variety of different distractions and utilizing, Look at me/ Follow me commands. Good for all ages!

Fun Times with your Doggies Workshop
: Saturday August 29th @10:00 am

  • Rounding out our summer with this fun workshop. Rotate through a variety of work stations, including an agility station and some scent work, to get your doggie working while having fun too. Always a fun time for all.

All of our workshops are taught on long leash, and is a place where you can bring your doggie to learn in a clean and safe environment using positive reinforcement training.

Reserve your spot today. Please contact us by email or call us at 613-253-5535.

Video Series - Puppy Essentials

puppy training essentialsThe Video Series Puppy Essentials teaches you how to stop unwanted puppy behaviours. The video demonstrations include what to do with Puppy Biting, teaches them to Know their Name, conditions your puppy to Yes, shows you how to handle Housetraining, condition them to Off to prevent jumping on people & furniture, discusses Chewing, along with revealing my favourite product recommendations.

Please check out our new Puppy Essentials video for only $19 here and also see a variety of free videos!


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From Birth to 16 weeks of age socialize your puppy to everything in a positive way as this will impact your puppy for the rest of their lives.


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