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A well trained pet is a joy to own. And a dog that is trained properly is generally a happier pet. Our goal is to improve the communication between you and your dog which will enhance your relationship.

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Training - Digging

Happy Hound Dog Training

Puppies love to dig!

I was working with a client in their home who had a puppy who loves to dig and he made several holes throughout their backyard. We decided that the puppy will be allowed to dig yet we chose a small area of the yard where it would be appropriate. The trick to control the puppy digging only 1or 2 holes instead of 10-15 holes is that you refill the holes with the previous dirt or add new dirt. To ensure that a puppy digs in the same area you can always add in a few treat treasures which they will find when they are digging in the appropriate area. If you prefer to not have your doggie digging anywhere in the yard then you will need to add in a voice correction and clap your hands then distract them with another great toy or log that they can chew on.

If you have any questions at all on these training tips then please send me an email at or give me a call 613-253-5535 and I will walk you through the process to help with your success.


I wanted to let you know that we have accepted 2 puppies into our Happy Hound puppy training program. This medium Goldendoodle puppy is named Skye. She will learn all sorts of new things over the next while and she is a joy to work with. Skye will be joining our Puppy Play & Learn sessions on Wednesday nights @ 6:00pm to meet the other puppies & owners who have lots of fun at the Happy Hound dog park. If you would like more information on any puppy matters, please send us an email at

Skye Happy Hound

In Your Home Sessions

I was working with my clients who have recently brought into their family a beautiful Doberman named Monty. He is sweet and handsome too. We walked through the Puppy Basics In-Your-Home training session in their home. I wanted to send along an email that Giselle, Monty’s Mom sent to me. Giselle, thank you for such wonderful words as I truly appreciate your support. Marcia

Hi Marcia,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for all of your training and support that you gave all three of us yesterday.

Monty is a changed pup, and we are proud puppy owners who are really appreciating his new habits.

He has stopped biting hard now and only tentatively bites me. He knows Sit, Down and Is perfecting Off and Come. We are still working on Walk and Stand and are excited to see you on Wednesday at 6pm for the Puppy Play & Learn sessions.

Thank you again Marcia, you are wonderful :)

Love Giselle, Elliott and Monty xxx

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Dogs Do What Works

If your dog likes to be outside hanging out on the deck/grass then before you let them out, ask for a “Sit” command first then let them out which reinforces your “Sit” command. Try it out for 1 week.


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